Erica Young is a loving, patient, and organized mom of EIGHT children! Her oldest two are adults and starting families of their own, and she still homeschools her other SIX children - in 1st through 9th grade.

Watching Erica interact with her children, I am blown away by her even-tempered responses. Her home is like a well-oiled machine as she excels in time-management. All of her children are respectful and thoughtful and their home is welcoming and comfortable.

Sally Roth is a homeschooling mom of three lovely, inquisitive, generous, and full-of-life young girls! 

All three approach life with gusto and, with Sally's guidance, know God's love and make it known to all who meet them!  Professionally, Sally is a life coach and has helped women who have experienced relationship betrayal in marriage.  Check her out at CrossPoint Ministry

Jocelyn Hall has three enjoyable, kind-hearted, fun-loving, and busy children: Almaya (7), Jaydee (5), and Dwayne (1).
Jocy and I met 13 years ago when we were both Kindergarten teachers. Her sincere care for the children in her classroom - as well as her fellow teachers - has continued to this day with the love of learning she shares with her own children - AND other moms of young children! She has such an important role in so many lives - but most importantly, her own children!

Michelle Estrada moved to Las Vegas last year after marrying her husband, quickly got a job in her nursing field, and seamlessly made a welcoming home environment for all of their children! As a mom of a blended family, I know there are a lot of moving parts - including schedules, individual temperaments, co-parenting, and other adjustments - and yet Michelle handles it all with grace and love. She includes her youngest son (who also happens to be my son) in such a way that he truly feels like he has two homes!

Thank you, Michelle ❤️

Bridget Miller is wife to Craig for over 24 years, an Assistant Principal, is launching her 18-year-old son off to college and lovingly continues shaping and guiding her 13-year-old daughter’s beautiful soul through the upcoming teenage years!  Bridget’s selfless love for all with whom she comes in contact has been a personal model to me for over 25 years - and a daily inspiration to her children and husband, too.

It’s an honor to have you in my “square!"  

Ebony Stepp is a married homeschooling mom of two, Classical Conversation Challenge Director, Air Force Veteran, and a Transformation & Lifestyle Coach! 

She has a passion for wellness and an UNSTOPPABLE attitude for loving and leading her children, her family, and other women make lasting changes in their lives. 

Just thinking about all she does makes my head spin!  But spend ANY time with her and her children and you know she is the real deal!   Ebony, you help others see that it IS possible to care for yourself first so that you can provide care for your whole family.  That is helpful!

Linda Nangle is a wife and mom of two little ones and step-mom to two teen sons. She is constantly encouraging other moms in their motherhood journey and helps keep them accountable to a biblical view of motherhood. She is also a solid example of how to successfully navigate a blended family relationship!

Charity Marshall has four very active little princesses! While each have different personalities, the foundation that Charity and her husband, Nathan have laid remains the same - Jesus Christ!

Charity stands for justice, she’s adventurous, thoughtful, and compassionate towards others and encourages her daughters to do the same.

Michelle Rahner is a Jesus-Loving Momma of three who was nominated by my own teen sons.  Here's what they said: "Ms Michelle supports her kids in all they want to do - She even  dyed (her 14 year old daughter) Lydia's hair TWICE! And she loves (her 17 year old son) Max's girlfriend like a second daughter and helps them learn both things they need to know to be grown ups. AND, she is a hard worker! She works so many jobs and never complains and she does it all as a single mom, too. She's amazing!"

YOU can nominate our next #MondaysMom!

Just message me these three things to 

1. The Mom's name

2. A picture of her and her child(ren).

3. The reasons she should be celebrated and recognized as our next Monday's Mom.

Koryn Rigotti is a homeschooling mom of four children; ages 12 - 4 years old.   She and her husband, Buddy, recently built their home on their own a piece of land in Texas and have such a hard-working, peace-making. loving, and beautiful attitude toward life, family, work, and God.  Koryn is patient with her children, helping them problem-solve and grow in integrity as young children of God.  She is not afraid to ask for help or forgiveness and she is adored by her family!

Jaclyn Bolden is an amazing mom to two very high-spirited boys!  I'm telling you, I am in AWE watching her patiently and lovingly play with, discipline, corral, and simply ENJOY these two boys! Jaxon and Jiles are two of the most loving, outgoing, full-of-life little boys that I've seen in a while.  When my own (now teen) boys were that age, I may have parented more out of ANNOYANCE ("Sit down already!") or FEAR ("OMg stay out of the street!!!!"), but Jaclyn handles them with grace and poise, allowing them to be who they are, while keeping them safe.

Tamar Burch has raised a beautiful, talented, and charming daughter, Tayani, and a handsome, gifted, and hilarious son, Treyvon. Additionally, Tamar has had the pleasure of playing a large role in the life of their sweet and smart grandson, Mason. We are highlighting Tamar for the unstoppable love, support, and energy she gives to EVERYONE around her, starting with her family. Tamar works tirelessly to encourage others, making sure they have what they need, and does not back down from the hard topics!

Christina Bentheim supports and encourages the continually growing creativity and imagination of her five year old kindergarten-bound son, Artie. 

Whether he is dressing up in costumes, acting like a pirate, or creating artwork, Christina enthusiastically and whole-heartedly lets Artie know that he can do anything with God on his side!

Teddie Miller is my mom! 
She has always supported me and my siblings, but was also not afraid to let us know when we were going down the wrong path! Growing up, she worked, went to school, fostered a loving marriage to my dad (for over 56 years now!), and earned the respect of her children. When I became a mom myself, I looked to my mom for guidance (doesn't mean I always followed it), and she was never overbearing in providing it! Mom, I'm so proud and very grateful to call you my mom and friend!

Maggie Doll is a sweet-as-pie mama who gets up every day and does the important work of loving her two precious girls so well.  Some days she feels awesome and some days she feels down-in-the-dumps (I am sure we ALL can relate to that). But EVERY day, SHE SHOWS UP!  And THAT is what matters!  

Danielle Reynolds is a wife, mom, and teacher of special education in the Seneca Valley School District.

Danielle loves her daughter, Avery in a way that awes all who witness them. She is a fierce momma who fights for Avery - who is neuro-diverse - to have the best opportunities to grow to her fullest potential. Her appreciation for the struggles of those children and families living with disabilities is inspiring and educating!

Sabrina Richards is a happily married wife and mom of two teen boys and LOVES it! So often we hear about how TERRIBLE the teen years are, but Sabrina not only has accepted this stage whole-heartedly, she truly ENJOYS it! She is always FULL of stories of encouragement (about and FOR her boys) and is raising two strong, respectful, kind-hearted, loving young men.

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